From Varanski Naturals we could not be more excited about this project. And is that for every purchase you make on the web you will be donating a percentage to the K9 dog and cat shelter in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

This shelter is very close to our hearts ... And it is that several members of the team have adopted their furry friends in this shelter!

Around 138,400 dogs and cats are abandoned in Spain every year, and the shelters are not enough.

That is why we have decided to donate an amount of sales monthly to the cause and, who knows,

Maybe in the future we will embark on opening a shelter too!

In addition to the percentage that we will donate, the "Donate to the project" option will appear in the payment process on this website where you can add an amount between 1 euro and the amount you estimate to the final cost. This amount will go to the refuge

Do not forget to take a look at their website!

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