What are the "Originals"?

Los productos que están en la pestaña de "Originals" son los productos de marca propia, elaborados en los laboratorios Gayga, en Málaga. Son productos exclusivos de la marca Varanski Naturals, 100% veganos y cruelty-free. Si quieres vender nuestros productos escríbenos a wholesale@varanskinaturals.com

I am vegan, can I surf this web calmly?

Of course! You can be calm. All the products sold on this website are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

I am not veganx, is this website for me?

Yes! Vegan cosmetic products are not exclusive for people who follow this lifestyle! The quality of vegan cosmetics is the same as other cosmetic products ... also, eliminating your products with animal ingredients from your routine could be a good way to contribute your "grain of sand". Go ahead!

Are the products tested on animals?

No, all the products that you will find on the web are cruelty-free.

Do you ship to the Canary Islands?

Not directly from the web. If you want "Originals" products from Varanski Naturals and you live in the Canary Islands, send us an email to info@varanskinaturals.com and tell us what products you want. We can send them to you from Tenerife.

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