What is SCA?

Enhanced security in online trading platforms is related to the set of requirements called Enhanced Customer Authentication (SCA) that involves any company with an online presence. Basically it is a set of regulatory requirements in order to make online payment more secure and therefore reduce payment fraud as well as possible scams.
The SCA adds an additional layer of security when end customers make an online payment.
SCA is a form of 2-factor authentication designed to demonstrate that customers are who they say they are thanks to a process called "Authentication". There are three valid types of authentication available:

• Knowledge (something only the payer knows) - a password, PIN, phrase, or secret information / answer
• Possession (something that only the payer owns) - mobile phone, smart watch, smart card or token

• Inheritance (something the payer is): fingerprint, facial recognition, voice patterns, DNA signature or your iris. Only when the payer has provided two of these forms of Authentication will they be allowed to complete their payment.

Through this formula, the end customer will access the REDSYS secure payment gateway (https protocol) where they can enter the necessary details of their card to make the payment.

As an additional security measure, Varanski Naturals does not store any customer bank details. In the event that there could be a break in stock or a lack of stock of products in liquidation, Varanski Naturals undertakes to return the amount collected within a maximum period of 5 business days.

To make the payment, all you have to do is access your PAYPAL account details in the final purchase process and follow the steps on this platform.

In the same way as the previous section, in the event that the requested material cannot be supplied, Varanski Naturals undertakes to refund the amount within a period not exceeding 5 days.

NOTE. If you need to make a direct transfer from PAYPAL you can do it to our account info@varanskinaturals.com

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