Hemp and Tea Tree Face Cleanser
Hemp and Tea Tree Face Cleanser
Hemp and Tea Tree Face Cleanser
Hemp and Tea Tree Face Cleanser

Hemp and Tea Tree Face Cleanser

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100% vegan facial soap with hemp and tea tree.

The perfect combination for mixed, oily or acneic skin.



Oily or acne skin? Surely you have heard something about the benefits of tea tree for this type of skin, it contains anti-acne properties due to its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and healing action, but did you know that hemp is just as effective?

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, it helps fight skin aging, heal injuries, is antioxidant, rich in omega 3 acids and has moisturizing properties. These two ingredients together will make your skin regulate, without excess dryness, keeping it hydrated and ready to fight the signs of aging. And all of this is soap!

Properties we highlight:

Tea tree oil: It is antimicrobial, that is, it eliminates and reduces the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on our skin. It also helps reduce inflammation, making it ideal for acne.

Hemp oil: It is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, fights inflammation of the skin and helps heal skin lesions. It has antioxidants and contains moisturizing properties.

How to use:

Apply the soap and massage in circles avoiding the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use day and night.

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Es muy suave con la piel

Lo he usado junto al exfoliante, es un producto suave con la piel y la deja como nueva, recomendado para pieles grasas o con tendencia a engrasarse. Estoy a la espera de poder probar el tónico!!!

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No parece un jabon !!!

No suelo utilizar jabon, pero este producto tiene unq textura maravillosa, deja la piel suave, limpia y muy fresca - lo recomoendo 100%

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